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Beyond the beach: My favorite activities

Written by Ryan Ewing on Tuesday, 19 February 2013.

Beyond the beach: My favorite activities
Charleston City Market

Tired of the pool or beach? Is it a rainy day at 48 Ocean Point? Here are my top five favorite things to do besides the pool or beach:

The Charleston City Market

This historic "shopping center" is filled with Southern vendors. Items vary from baskets to Southern style spicy hot sauce! It recently got redone with a more modern section. I enjoy The Charleston City Market because of its old style feel and the variety of items it carries.

Black Market Minerals

Located in downtown Charleston, this store holds thousands of different types of minerals. The whole store is filled with minerals, literally to the ceiling. You can buy anything from a pebble sized mineral to a huge geode (if you can fit it in your bag on the way home!) I enjoy Black Market Minerals because of its interesting atmosphere and items.

South Carolina Aquarium

Located in Charleston, this aquarium, in my opinion, is one of the best. It has a wide variety of animals in artfully crafted exhibits. It even boasts an albino alligator! All the exhibits are very interactive and realistic. I enjoy the South Carolina Aquarium because of its fascinating creatures and its interactivity.

Discovery Ice Cream

This ice cream store is located in Mt. Pleasant. It is a toy store too. But when I go there, I am not interested in the toys, I am most interested in there homemade ice cream and cones. They have a wide variety of ice cream flavors. But the best part is that they have a robot that makes your ice cream. That's right, a robot. This robot has chocolate, vanilla, and swirl with a few different toppings. And yes, they also have regular ice cream!

Jack’s Cosmic Dogs

This restaurant earns my number one spot because of its delicious hotdogs and corn dogs. The atmosphere is designed like an old hot dog eatery, but has a futuristic spaceship twist. The hot dogs and corn dogs are amazing. To go with your hot dogs and corn dogs they have classic, glass bottled sodas and milkshakes. What could be better?

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The owner's oldest son Ryan, 13, has spent much time at 48 Ocean Point. He's standing by and ready to answer your kids' questions. Send him an email or tweet