Beach workouts at Isle of Palms

Written by Mahrya O'Connor-Delaney on Monday, 28 February 2011.

Beach workouts at Isle of Palms

Between January and May, I know the only thing on my mind at 5 o’clock is No. 1,. Yay! I’m off of work, and No. 2, time for the gym.  I must get ready for beach season and rock that bikini!  

In January, getting me to the gym is like making a kid eat his lima beans, I just don’t wanna do it!  But by February it’s gotten a little easier, by March it’s fun because you’re seeing the results.  

If I can stay the course until May, BOOM, beach season here I come!  But the thing about working out is that it starts becoming part of your routine and once you get to your beach vacation, you see all that sand as an opportunity to break a sweat and have some fun.  

Here I’m going to give you some suggestions how to make the best of all that beautiful sandy space.

Safety first!  Before you leave the house, drink a glass or two of water, find a water bottle that you can take down to the beach, slather on at least 30SPF, find your shades that have UV protection, and grab a good size towel.  All right, it’s time to head out.  

If you’re new to exercising on sand, it’s best to find flat sand, this way you’ll still get the benefits that the sand provides by being less jarring on your joints and creating more resistance, but not risking your ACL with an angled surface.  

Let’s plan a 30-minute workout, I mean you are on vacation don’t forget.

You want to start out with a warm up before you attempt any rigorous activity.  

5 minutes:  
Use 40 yards to alternate between (5-7 strides of each activity, then turn around and come back the other way): Jogging, shuffle, back pedal, shuffle, 75-percent sprint.

10 minutes:
Interval Sprints, sprint as far as you can for as long as you can, take 30- to 60-second break walking, repeat.

Now that you’ve gotten your heart rate up, it’s time to exhaust the muscle to acquire strength.  Put your towel down for the push up portion so that your hands don’t get sandy.

10 minutes:
5 sets (if you’re feeling ambitious, 10 sets) of 25 squats, 10 pushups, 30 second breaks in between sets.

Be sure when you’re doing the squats that you are keeping your knees behind your toes and think of it as “sitting” down.  Extend your arms straight out for balance.

5 minutes:
Cool down, just take a stroll, and then head back to the house!

Other options if you aren’t looking for so much structure…get your friends together and go play football (American or European), ultimate Frisbee or a good ol’ game of sand volleyball.  

With any of these workouts, you’ve definitely earned the margaritas you’ll be having later, I mean come on ... it is vacation after all!

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