Your visit: Sushi restaurants around Isle of Palms

Written by Mahrya O'Connor-Delaney on Thursday, 24 February 2011.

Your visit: Sushi restaurants around Isle of Palms

If you’re anything like me, you know good sushi when you eat it!  I recently took a trip down to Isle of Palms and had the craving. Unfortunately, I was with some diners that weren’t as into raw fish as I am, so we had to find a compromise. 

I came across Yamato Japanese Restaurant in Mt Pleasant. I live in Washington, D.C., and I have been to a Yamato restaurant at home, so if this one was anything like the one at home, it would be sushi and hibachi. This way my guests could have their cooked food and I could still have mine raw.

I was right, we all got our fix, but I was left with something to be desired. I like a variety when I’m going for sushi, and always like to try something new. Yamato had some variety, but all combinations that they offered, I had tried before. You’ll find the California roll, salmon and cream cheese, tuna roll, spider roll, Alaska roll, rainbow roll and nigiri selection on their menu.

If you go, I would recommend that you try the dynamite roll for a little heat and the Mt Pleasant roll, it’s a nice combo. A tip for roe enthusiasts like me: Order a piece of Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe) Nigiri, it’s a less expensive way to be able to add Tobiko to all of your rolls, everyone likes the “pop, pop,” right?

You can find Yamato on the Web and set up a reservation online at the site below.

Although Yamato was a nice start, I didn’t truly get my desired sushi fix. So later in the week, I convinced my boyfriend to take me out for sushi just one more time, just the two of us.

We went to Kobe Japanese Steak & Seafood House in North Charleston, and it hit the spot!  

The menu speaks for itself  They have my favorite, white tuna; it’s so buttery and fabulous, and in this trip, it did not disappoint.  The spicy scallop was impressive, and I got to try red snapper for the first time.

If you go, try some of the appetizers too, the baby octopus and tuna tataki start the meal off nicely.

So for your next trip to Isle of Palms, be sure to check out the sushi scene. There are even more options than I have listed here, but these were the only ones I got to try on my trip.

If it’s one of your first times diving into the world of sushi, check out Yamato, they won’t scare you off. If you’re a seasoned veteran like me, definitely go to Kobe!  And if you try somewhere else, please let me know, I’m always up to try out a great new sushi restaurant!

Your visit: Blues Bash

Written by Nikki Smith on Monday, 31 January 2011.

Got the winter blues? No reason to go through it alone! Come out and enjoy the LowCountry Blues Bash.

The artists will play all over Charleston, but on February 5-6, you can find the music at the Isle of Palms Rec Center (24 28th Ave., IOP, 843-886-8294)

All the info can be found on their brochure:

The details for the IOP Rec Center performances are below:

Saturday, February 5th
5:00 - 8:30pm                                                                                
Sunday, February 6th

$5.00 admission

Doors open 30 minutes prior to 1st performance

Admission $5 at the door

Children 6 and under free

Concessions provide by the IOP Exchange Club

2011 Performers  

  • Sat Feb 5, 5-830 pm (in order of appearance):
    Frankie's Blues Mission
    Wanda Johnson & Shrimp City Slim
    Planet D Nonet
  • Sun Feb 6, 2-530 pm (in order of appearance):
    Biscuit Miller & The Mix
    Doug Deming & the Jewel Tones with Dennis Gruenling

Family vacations – you can still go out some nights!

Written by Mahrya O'Connor-Delaney on Tuesday, 18 January 2011.

Going on a family vacation doesn’t mean that you have to stay in or ask Grandma and Grandpa to watch the kids every night!  Many vacation getaway spots now offer accredited babysitting services that you can utilize to hit the town a night or two ... or five.

The company that I have experience with, that has done a fabulous job down in South Carolina, is Gailliard Nannies.  Sylvia Gailliard is the owner of the company and has been providing care to both adults and children for over 35 years.  She is a registered nurse and a lovely woman.  

When you call to request services at 843-722-2203, ask for Sylvia, she is happy to assist you.  If you are just looking for general information on the company visit their website at  Their nannies and on-call sitters are all certified in CPR and go through extensive background checks.  They are equipped to handle infants all the way up to 14-year-olds.  

If you are planning on a night out, you’ll want to give them at least 24 hours notice to make sure they’ll have a sitter available for you!  Fees vary based on the number of kids, so give Sylvia a call to verify the price, but generally 1-2 kids will cost you $20 an hour.

Another option would be to use the website, here I found a list of local nannies/sitters looking for work.  

You can peruse through to find the sitter with the right credentials for you, whether you’re looking for someone that is fluent in another language, has a secondary education background, or is able to work with children with special needs.  You can customize your search according to your families’ needs.  

So make sure to live it up on your next vacation.  The kids will be fine with a highly qualified sitter to watch over them.  If you pick one of the sitters that are fluent in another language, they might even be able to say “good morning Mom and Dad” in French when you wake them the next morning.

Now is the time to buy!

Written by Mahrya O'Connor-Delaney on Friday, 14 January 2011.

Owning a home has been part of the American Dream for decades. Why not think location and head for the coast?

Owning a home where you wake up to that ocean breeze and the sound of waves improves your quality of life as your primary residence or could be a wise and lucrative investment as a second home, vacation rental or rental property.

Single-family home sales for Isle of Palms, SC are up 40% according to a survey conducted by the Charleston Trident Association of REALTORS, while condo and townhouse sales are up 35.7%.

This is great for current home owners, but what’s more important to buyers is that a condo or townhouse that cost $540,000 in 2009 would now cost you $450,000. This means you’re getting better affordability, and don’t worry, the median income continues to rise in Isle of Palms, so you’re getting more bang for your buck! 

Also, with home sales on the rise, this is becoming a more coveted area to live and own a home; these lower prices won’t last long, so you need to get in while the prices are down.

Not only are home prices low, interest rates continue to be at a historical low. At North American Savings Bank you can find a 30-year fixed rate of 4.375% paying 1 point, and is offering a 30-year fixed rate mortgage at 4.75% with zero points.

Lower interest rates mean you pay less interest to the bank, resulting in lower monthly payments making your monthly bills more manageable.

So now that I’ve convinced you of all the financial advantages to finding a home in Isle of Palms, you’ve found the perfect house that works for you, are there more incentives to expect? The answer is yes! 

On average, you can expect your new home to appreciate anywhere from 4% to 6% annually, depending on the condition of the local market and demand. This means that the longer you stay in your new home, the more it will be worth.

In addition to your property appreciating the longer you stay, your home equity continues to accrue as well. You can borrow against this equity if you would like to make improvements in the house and increase the overall worth of this asset.

So get on the Internet, find a real estate agent and ask them about finding your new home or investment property. You won’t be disappointed.

You’ll get a great deal, build equity and improve your quality of life. Grow a garden, put down roots and feel the sand between your toes ... everyday!

Why choose an oceanfront vacation home over a hotel?

Written by Mahrya O'Connor-Delaney on Thursday, 06 January 2011.

Why choose an oceanfront vacation home over a hotel?

When taking a vacation to South Carolina, should you rent a house or a hotel?  Many would think that the hotels would be a cheaper option, but that might not necessarily be the case.  

You can find a house in Ocean Point, a beautiful gated community for as low as $950 a week, that breaks down to $135/day.  Also, if you think about it in terms of “bang for your buck,” go with the house!  

I did an online search and found a room at the Seaside Inn with an ocean view; it will cost you $148 per night for approximately 250 sq feet.  That breaks down to $0.59 per square foot.  

Whereas, if you stay at 48 Ocean Point, a beach front property you can get 2500 square feet to relax in for a mere $0.15 per square foot! In this economy, it’s important to us all to be able to save money, while still getting the experience that we need.  With a vacation home, you can save by utilizing the full size kitchens that are available.  When you get to Isle of Palms, head to the Red & White grocery store on Palm Blvd for breakfasts and lunches and save an average of $560 per week for a family of four.  

You can even go a step further and find a home with a grill, head out in the morning, do some fishing, put the catch on ice and grill it up for the family for dinner that night!

But vacation isn’t all about saving money, we need to be able to relax and enjoy.  When you rent a vacation home, you won’t have to walk through a hallway nor an elevator to get where you’re staying.  

Instead of a parking garage, you park in a driveway and walk right up to the front door.  There’s no lugging bags to the front desk, checking in, finding the room, etc.  It’s much simpler and in my opinion, more luxurious!  

Often times in the hotel industry, you’re just a number.  If you stay at 48 Ocean Point, I’m your contact.  I will remember exactly who you are and I’m always happy to hear from you.

And it’s not just with 48 OP, this has been my experience with other vacation home rentals as well.  It’s the personal touch that you get!

So for your next vacation, think about all the benefits of renting a house over a small hotel room.  You’ll end up saving money, have more room to spread out and of course, get that personal touch that makes you feel like the most important person, after all, it is YOUR vacation!

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Written by Nikki Smith on Tuesday, 16 November 2010.


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